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This wiki is about Teardown, a single-player strategy, puzzle and sandbox game with fully destructible, moddable, and customizable voxel-based enviorment. It was developed by Tuxedo Labs. If you have more questions, check the official website out or join the official Teardown discord server. Make sure to follow the rules.
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Teardown Trailers

Steam early access

Released 30 Oct 2020, slightly outdated
(Evertides reworked in 2021)

Summer demo

Released 27 Aug 2020, quite outdated
(Blue Pop renamed BlueTide, alarm sound changed)



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Did You Know?

That Dennis Gustafsson was one of the main two developers of the mobile game Smash hit?

Game modes
Campaign "With your Company (Löckelle Teardown Services) pressured by increasing debt."
Challenges MayhemFetchHunted
Sandbox "The Sandbox game mode allows players to freely explore and play with environments."
Base-Game SledgeSpraycanExtinguisherBlowtorchShotgunPipe BombPlankGunBombRocket
Other MinigunSmokegunLaser Gun
Civilian Castanet 500L GTCayuse 550Crownzygot XVCDrab 75DefenderEurus IV XXFGauss-Seidel B50Golf CartGordo Pathracer XTRMIce Cream TruckJacobi SLModern Station WagonMonster TruckMicrocarSemi Single-unit truckStation WagonSUVTaskmaster 4WDTractorVan
(De)construction Cement TruckDump TruckExcavatorFront LoaderMini Excavator
Military Missile LauncherTankMilitary TruckMilitary TrailerMilitary Van
Utility Basket LiftForkliftIndustrial ForkliftMobile CraneTelehandlerWarehouse Forklift
Sea Big Fishing BoatCruise BoatRace BoatSmall BoatSpeedboatYacht
Non-drivable BusHandmade HelicopterSecurity Chopper
Base-Game Löckelle Teardown ServicesLee ChemicalsWest Point MarinaVilla GordonEvertides MallHollowrock IslandFrustrum
Example AssetpackBasicCastleDrive to surviveExamplesHeist ExampleSimple House
Removed IslandVehicleCustom
Part 1 The old building problemThe Lee ComputersThe login devicesMaking spaceClassic CarsThe GPS devicesThe car washHeavy liftingThe towerFine artsArt returnInsurance fraudThe BlueTide ComputersA wet affairPower outageMotivational reminderAn assortment of dishesFloodingThe chase
Part 1 side Covert chaosTool upThe speed deal
Other Fetch Challenge(Lee ChemicalsWest Point MarinaVilla GordonEvertides MallHollowrock IslandFrustrum) • Heist Example