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Teardown is a single-player voxel-based strategy game being developed by Tuxedo Labs. It is currently in an Early access stage of development.


Plan the perfect heist using creative problem solving, brute force, and everything around you. Teardown features a fully destructible and truly interactive environment where player freedom and emergent gameplay are the driving mechanics.

Tear down walls with explosives or vehicles to create shortcuts no one thought was possible. Stack objects, build structures, or use floating objects to your advantage. Take your time to create the most efficient path through the level and get ready to run.

The moment you pick up your first target, an alarm goes off, and the heat is on. Run, jump, drive, slingshot, do whatever you need to collect all of the targets, and escape before security arrives.


  • Fully destructible voxel environments
  • Realistic physical simulation of objects, debris, vehicles, water, fire, and smoke
  • Ten different tools ranging from sledgehammer, blow torch and fire extinguisher to guns and explosives
  • A campaign with an escalating storyline
  • Challenges to test your skills
  • Sandbox mode for you to roam around in the various environments


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Game Modes
Campaign "With your Company (Löckelle Teardown Services) pressured by increasing debt."
Challenges MayhemFetchHunted
Sandbox "The Sandbox game mode allows players to freely explore and play with environments."
General Sledge.png SledgeSpraycanExtinguisher
Utility BlowTorchLarge.png BlowtorchPlankWire
Firearms Shotgun.png ShotgunGun
Explosives Rocket.png Pipe BombBombRocket
Uncategorised Minigun.png MinigunLaser GunSmokegunRocket Booster
Civilian Castanet.png Castanet 500L GTCayuse 550Crownzygot XVCDrab 75DefenderEurus IV XXFGauss-Seidel B50Golf CartGordo Pathracer XTRMIce Cream TruckJacobi SLModern Station WagonMonster TruckMicrocarSemiSingle-unit truckStation WagonSUVTaskmaster 4WDTractorVan
(De)construction ExcavatorPreview.png Cement TruckDump TruckExcavatorFront LoaderMini Excavator
Military TankPreview.png Missile LauncherTankMilitary TruckMilitary TrailerMilitary Van
Utility TelePreview.png Basket LiftForkliftIndustrial ForkliftMobile CraneTelehandlerWarehouse Forklift
Sea YachtPreview.png Big Fishing BoatCruise BoatRace BoatSmall BoatSpeedboatYacht
Non-drivable HelicopterPreview.png BusSmall HelicopterSecurity Chopper
Base-Game Löckelle Teardown ServicesLee ChemicalsWest Point MarinaVilla GordonEvertides MallHollowrock IslandFrustrum
Upcoming Unnamed Part 2 MapUnnamed Island Map
Example AssetpackBasicCastleDrive to surviveExamples/Editor ShowcaseHeist ExampleSimple HouseScripting Showcase (0.8)
Removed IslandVehicleCustom
Part 1 The old building problemThe Lee ComputersThe login devicesMaking spaceClassic CarsThe GPS devicesThe car washHeavy liftingThe towerFine artsArt returnInsurance fraudThe BlueTide ComputersA wet affairPower outageMotivational reminderAn assortment of dishesFloodingThe chase
Part 1 side Covert chaosTool upThe speed deal
Other Fetch Challenge(Lee ChemicalsWest Point MarinaVilla GordonEvertides MallHollowrock IslandFrustrum) • Heist Example