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Castle is one of the unofficial custom Maps in Teardown. It is third on the list.


Castle is the one of the most complex example mod maps out of the list. It is a large village set on a hill, being divided into two radically different parts: the village and the castle.


The Village is the first part of the Castle map. It is located at the bottom portion of the hill, close to the water. The player spawns in the middle of the village, where a well resides in the center of a plus-shaped dirt path, surrounded by multiple houses. The houses are tall and constructed from wood, with straw rooves and small "windows". They have multiple floors and un movable furniture, completed with a high-roofed attic(filled with wooden boxes). These houses are level with the horizon, having been built into the dirt, with some having entire rooms underground.

The dirt path that starts at the well goes in all four directions. Left and right lead to more houses and down leads to the large wooden docks. There aren't any houses near the docks, instead being replaced by a pair of sheds(could be barns). These sheds do not have a front wall or multiple floors, but have large open storage areas with a few stairs in the back. The docks are mostly empty, having nothing but a few benches. The dirt path that goes up, however, leads to the large wall surrounding the Castle.


The Castle is the second part of the Castle map. It is what the map is named after, and is located at the top of the hill. The front "yard" can be gotten into using the large wooden doors on the front of the castle wall. The castle wall spans around the entire front yard and has hallways within it to peer outside. In the front yard are multiple entrances to different buildings, such as the throne room on the right, the castle on the left as well as a tall tower in the middle.. The castle is akin to that of a mansion with a sprawling layout that continuously twists up and up until the roof, all made of stone with a gold-colored roof. The castle is full of bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, guest rooms, and some suits of armor.

The throne room is less impressive, but it does have a red carpet and a throne, with stairs behind the throne that go up to the second floor. The tower is a large but empty structure between the two, leading to the highest point on the map as well as being an access point for the roof of the mansion.

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